Split with Pinion

by Knuckle Dragger

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released February 6, 2017

Drums recorded by Alex Devor at Dark Horse Studios
Mixed by Dylan Winstead
Mastered by James Anderson
Artwork by Dominic Pabon
Logo by Chase Wilson
Thanks to Ethan Young and Alex Turner for their contributions

Pinion's side included with download

Knuckle Dragger is
Chris Griffin (vocals)
Gray Anderson (guitar)
Jack Anderson (drums)
Dylan Winstead (bass)



all rights reserved


Knuckle Dragger Nashville, Tennessee

Grinding death dudes from Tennessee


Twitter: @knckledrggr

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Track Name: Relapse
Twisting and bending the truth
Every winter is a cold relapse

Cursed words and spiteful acts
Harsh words and colder hearts
There is no love, only war

Twisting and bending the lie
Always fighting up a slippery slope

Cracking beneath my weight
The pressure's always on
To get things right

Twist my spine

Bleed for me, as I have bled for you

Beat me down
Suck my tongue from my mouth
Pull my teeth
Fuck me hollow
May I never speak again
Amoris laetitia
Track Name: Slur
Numb left half
Cannot move
Trudge through shit
Slur my words
Hit the floor
Eyelids twitch
Foaming jaws
Slur my words
Beat me down
Stop my pulse
Wake me up
Slur my words
Kill me please
Swift death come
End my life
Slur my mind

Swallow me whole
Bleed me dry
End my life
Slur my mind
Track Name: Suicide Dive
Mother please forgive me for all the sin that I've done
Walking through hell's fire to repent this one
Allow pure evil to guide you, into the depths we will ride
Come meet the man who has no fear, he shows no weakness here

Coming for your soul, eyes rolling back in your head
The bell tolls echoing over this darkened land
Vultures circling above the law, through this valley of shadow and death
There is no turning back

This will be your last ride
This is a choke slam from hell
You brought this suicide dive on yourself
This tombstone was made for you

Clouds roll in, Thunder roars
Lightning cracks, vultures turn to ask
The urn draws power, hell's gates close
Snake eyes roll, the dead man walks
Track Name: Into The Nest
A fire burning in my blood
The stinging feeling of broken skin
The taste of death inside this monsters den
The caustic venom burning begins

A naked child withers in his bed
His skin so swollen, blistered and red

A young man's life
Broken and bruised
His soul is shattered
Weakened and used

Alone in my pain
I think I'm going blind
The droning bodies
Echo through my mind

The droning bodies echo through my mind
Alone in my pain, I think I'm going blind
His soul is shattered, weakened, and used
A young man's life broken and bruised

A naked child withers in his bed
His skin so swollen, blistered, and red
Ankles shattered, tendons fucking snapped
Shaking jaws bellow and howl
Track Name: Mindless (Infest)
Living to use
Use till you die
Life just sucks
Unless you're high
Can't get high
Escape with sleep
Away from the pain
Only drugs can treat
Shaking you awake
Covered in sweat
Prescribing home
Versions of an
Inevitable Death
Mindless mutant
Do you like
What you are?
Substance abuser
Professional retard
It makes me sick
Such a waste
Just get a gun
Both have same fate